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The Town of Bar Nunn is now Accepting  Wardwell Water & Sewer District Payments

                                                        Effective March 21, 2023

                               All Electronic, Check, or Money Orders may include:

  Your Water Bill and Bar Nunn Sewer & Garbage Payments in a single transaction.

                     Please include both Water and Bar Nunn account numbers

                All Checks or Money Orders are Payable to the Town of Bar Nunn


Welcome to the Town of Bar Nunn, Wyoming

The Town of Bar Nunn was originally the site of Wardwell Field, Natrona County’s airport until 1952. That year, the United States Army Air Corps Base purchased property along U.S. Highway 20-26, and relocated the Casper Natrona County International Airport.

Romie Nunn, a local rancher and successful businessman, who moved to Casper in 1918 with his family, owned a portion of the Wardwell Field property. He repurchased the airport property (consisting of 640 acres) in 1954 for $20,500. Mr. Nunn hoped to make it “the horse center of the Rockies” but ultimately subdivided the area in 1958, calling it Bar Nunn Ranch Subdivision. Later, Mr. Nunn registered the Bar Nunn brand (-N) with the Wyoming State Livestock Board.

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